We have acquired specialised expertise in material analysis, particularly with regard to the chemical and physical composition of materials. We analyse how they behave under different conditions and in individual composites. We test parameters such as temperature stability, elasticity and bonding behaviour, viscosity, resistance to abrasion, etc.

Our services focus on

  • Material characterisation
  • Analysis of additives
  • Safety of products in the context of application (e.g. content of residual monomers, heavy metals, etc.)
  • Migration behaviour of food and pharmaceutical packaging, utensils and toys
  • Volatile constituents/product emissions (e.g. interiors of motor vehicles, floor and wall coverings, construction materials)
  • Permeability tests (water vapour, gas and solvent transmission of products)
  • Indoor air measurement in private rooms and workplaces
  • Analytical characterisation of waste and waste water

Test regard to

    • binder basis
    • pigments and fillers
    • solvent composition
    • trace analysis for additives (e.g. plasticisers, biocides, stabilisers, cross-linkers)

Your advantages

  • Quick, flexible and non-bureaucratic handling of testing orders
  • Consultancy and interpretation of the test results based on OFI’s comprehensive expertise in materials, particularly plastics
  • Accreditation and precise knowledge of the European standards systems
  • A local, Austrian partner for tests of international validity