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Material testing of rail vehicles

Material testing of rail vehicles

Rail vehicle industry

For the rail vehicle industry, we can provide a broad testing portfolio with our interdisciplinary technical center: We test individual plastics and components for interior and exterior use as well as coatings and adhesive bonds. Fire and corrosion tests are just as much a part of our services as weathering and climate tests or testing the color fastness and resistance of components, surfaces, adhesives and coatings in conjunction with chemicals.

Our tests

  • Testing of materials in rail vehicles
    • Testing of coatings, adhesive joints, plastics and components for indoor and outdoor use
    • Testing of bonded joints according to various regulations (e.g. DVS 1618, DIN 6701 etc.)
    • Design (calculation) of bonded joints
    • Selection and optimization of adhesives
  • Coating tests
    • Determination of complex layer structures
    • Adhesion tests
    • Optical properties (e.g. color, color difference, gloss, surface roughness)
    • Mechanical properties (e.g. hardness, scratch resistance, abrasion, resistance to e.g. stone impact, hail impact)
  • Artificial weathering and climatic tests
    • Sun simulation test DIN 75220
    • by means of xenon lamps, e.g. “Kalahari” and “Florida Test
    • Climate change tests on materials, products and components in the range -70°C to +150°C on component dimensions up to (4000x2400x2000)mm
  • Fire tests
    • EN 45545-2: European requirements for burning behavior of railroad applications: Smoke density (smoke chamber according to EN ISO 5659-2), smoke toxicity
    • DIN 5510-2: German fire protection requirements in rail vehicles
    • NF F 16-101: French fire protection requirements; classes I and F
    • EN 50267-1/2-3: Cables and insulated wires: Acids, acidity, pH and conductivity
    • EN ISO 4589-2: Oxygen index (OI)
    • EN ISO 9239-1: Floor coverings, Euro Radiant Panel Test
    • EN ISO 11925-2: Small burner test
    • ISO 5658-2: Spread of flame, in cooperation with the TGM
    • ISO 5660-1: Heat release rate (Cone Calorimeter), in cooperation with the TGM
    • EN 60695-2-/11/12/13: Glow wire testing
  • Corrosion tests such as neutral salt spray test (EN ISO 9227) and condensation water test (EN ISO 6270-1, EN ISO 6270-2) as well as cyclic loads (VDA alternating test)
  • Testing the resistance of components, surfaces, adhesives and coatings to chemicals
  • Testing the color fastness of coatings and components according to EN ISO 105-X12
  • Stone impact test (e.g. EN ISO 20567)
  • Verification of conformity with product specifications and standards
  • Customized R&D projects in the areas of bonding and coating

OFI Adhesive Expert

Ing. Martin Tonnhofer

OFI Expert for Environmental Simulation & Surface Analytics

Dr. Paul Grillberger
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