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Our accreditations at a glance

Guaranteed safety

Accredited body

As a testing, inspection, certification and proficiency testing body accredited by Accreditation Austria, we are a partner for industry and test according to the most modern standards. The current accreditation scopes of OFI can be queried in the database of Accreditation Austria.

Proficiency tests for testing laboratories

As a testing institute that is itself accredited for a wide range of tests, the OFI attaches great importance to quality assurance and therefore offers a proficiency test for testing laboratories every year with the OFI-pts. In addition to the OFI-pts, which covers standard testing methods in the field of materials testing, we also carry out individually designed industry ring tests. With these, there are no restrictions with regard to procedures or standards; procedures without underlying sets of rules can also be implemented.

  • Many years of know-how in the handling of proficiency tests
  • Evaluation of test methods and measured variables
  • Coordination of the round robin tests
  • Statistical evaluation and summary of results
  • Assistance with problem solving

We have been conducting international proficiency tests with measurable customer benefits for years and have made a name for ourselves in this field. Since May 2022 we are also accredited as a provider of proficiency testing according to EN ISO/IEC 17043.