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Design and Evaluation of lightweight composite PV modules for integration in buildings and infrastructure.

The development of integrated PV modules is a complex process. Several design aspects and performance indicators must be considered simultaneously: Manufacturing, cost, weight, structural strength, fire protection, electrical efficiency and energy yield, reliability and lifetime, aesthetics and circularity – all these factors need to be included. To accelerate module innovations of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) in the future, the research project DELIGHT aims to develop and validate a holistic design process.

The international project consortium will comprehensively address all mentioned aspects of PV integration into buildings and infrastructure. Different approaches and designs for lightweight PV modules will be investigated, answering research questions on cell technology, interconnection, encapsulation, and manufacturing and recycling aspects. A special focus is on shading resistant modular architectures. Furthermore, various innovative possibilities for the technical and optical integration of PV are examined.

In the course of the project DELIGHT, several demonstrators with lightweight PV will be integrated into buildings and infrastructure and measured. Using predefined “performance indicators” that capture economic, environmental, energy and visual performance, a comparison of the different types of lightweight modules will be made. Finally, an evaluation of the energy yield and long-term stability is carried out.


Funding: FFG / SOLAR-ERA.NET Joint Call 2021


Project consortium:


Sustainability Goals

Sustainable Development Goal: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Forschungsprojekt DELIGHT / Sujetbild
Das Forschungsprojekt DELIGHT richtet den Fokus auf Design und Bewertung von BIPV-Modulinnovationen. Sujetbild: pixabay

Project duration

- 2025


Dr. Gabriele Eder


OFI Expert for Material Analysis

Dr. Gabriele Eder
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