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At OFI, we offer testing for a wide variety of products, materials and their interactions.

As an EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory, OFI is accredited to perform a wide range of different tests. Our portfolio in the accredited area includes chemical and physical analysis methods, as well as mechanical Testingand fire testing. Migration tests, standard microbiological procedures as well as cell culture techniques can be performed by us, as well as pressure tests, sensory Testingand environmental simulation procedures, within the scope of accreditation. This is only an exemplary excerpt from our diverse portfolio – the full scope of our accredited procedures can be found under Accreditation.

At OFI, we not only know the prescribed standards, our experts also develop individual test designs. Depending on how specifically your testing requirements have already been defined, we support you in defining the objectives and work with you to design a testing setting tailored to your requirements. To do this, we can access a variety of methods, combine them and adapt them to your needs and your product when the occasion arises.

Whether testing according to the standard or according to individual test design, at the end you will receive a test report with the results of the tests performed.

Area of competence

Kompetenzbereich für Leistungen auf Leistung Hauptseite – Competence

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