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Components, materials and bondings on the test bench

Components, materials and bondings on the test bench


At the OFI, we test the bonded joints and coatings of vehicles. We determine the service life of car parts by means of weathering tests and climate change tests. Our focus is on testing organic materials and components with regard to their resistance to environmental influences and their physical and chemical properties in accordance with current regulations, standards and norms.

Thanks to the outstanding, multifunctional properties of modern adhesives, designers today have new options in terms of design and functionality. Products can thus be produced with high quality, attractive design and great performance. The use of new materials and composites ensures weight savings and easier assembly for vehicles of all types.

Our services

  • Testing of coatings, plastics and components for vehicle interiors and exteriors
  • Tests according to regulations of various OEM
  • Mechanical testing of materials and components
  • Artificial weathering tests using xenon arc lamps for vehicle interiors and exteriors
  • Hot light fastness test
  • Solar simulation testing with metal halide radiators
  • Fire tests
  • Climate change tests on components up to a dimension of (4000x2100x2000)mm
  • Corrosion tests such as neutral salt spray test (EN ISO 9227) and condensation water test (EN ISO 6270-1, EN ISO 6270-2) as well as cyclic loads
  • Corrosion tests and corrosion replacement tests
  • Condensation water test / Condensation water test
  • Emission tests
  • Testing the resistance to chemicals
  • Rockfall tests
  • Customized R&D projects

OFI Expert for Environmental Simulation & Surface Analytics

Dr. Paul Grillberger
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