The OFI accompanies research, development & innovation.

To ensure that products become and remain fit for the market, investments in research & development are worthwhile. One step ahead is to rely on the experts of the OFI, whose know-how is in demand in national and international projects.

Research is conducted on plastic components, photovoltaic modules, air filters, recycling processes and packaging solutions. What the research projects have in common is their objective: to use applied research and development to increase the quality of products, to make the use of resources more sustainable and to develop new methods so that the safety of products and processes can be measured in the future.

As a founding member of ACR (Austrian Cooperative Research), OFI focuses on applied research & development, in direct cooperation with industry – this should also benefit SMEs that do not operate their own research departments.

Area of competence

Kompetenzbereich für Leistungen auf Leistung Hauptseite – Relation


Forschungsprojekt DELIGHT / Sujetbild
Design and Evaluation of lightweight composite PV modules for integration in buildings and infrastructure. ...
Forschungsprojekt PV-DETECT / Sujetbild
Accelerated PV product development through advanced reliability testing combined with early degradation detection. ...
Autonomer Hygieneroboter zur Desinfektion von Oberflächen in Gesundheitseinrichtungen
Development of autonomous, intelligent hygiene robots that use UV/LED to reduce infection germs. ...
Establish the scientific basis for safety evaluation of menstrual products. ...
Hanf als Werkstoff nutzen
Material properties of hemp: Optimization of the natural bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal effect of hemp fibers. ...
Sujetbild Forschungsprojekt E-Steril
Investigation of an autonomous, self-regenerating air filter ...
Forschungsprojekt Bau-Cycle: Recycling von Holz, Fenster, Dämmstoff
Sustainable building material cycles through material analysis and pollutant separation. ...

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