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Certifications ensure your success on the market

Progress in good hands

Certifications ensure your success on the market

Whether for roofing membranes, thermal insulation materials, recycled materials, pipes or rail vehicles – more and more producers are relying on independent quality control. As an accredited and notified certification body, OFI CERT is your contact for questions regarding the certification of your products.

You can view the scope of accreditation of the product certification body here: Scope of accreditation (PDF)

We support you with:

  • Information around your certification
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Certification of products & processes
  • OFI Certification Label


The certification body OFI CERT is accredited by Accreditation Austria and notified according to the European Construction Products Regulation. This allows OFI CERT to issue certificates / certificates of conformity of construction products or on factory production control.

OFI CERT is additionally active in voluntary product certification. Together with customer groups, certification principles (ZG) are developed that define the quality of products and production processes. If the requirements are met, one receives a certificate/certificate of conformity from OFI CERT and the possibility to use the OFI Certification Label . This makes the product quality recognizable at a glance.


Head of Certification Body OFI CERT

Günter Jechlinger