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PVRe² – Sustainable Photovoltaics

More sustainability in PV module technology.

Although photovoltaics (PV) is a sustainable way of generating energy based on renewable sources, sustainability has played a minor role in PV module technology to date. The PVRe² research project addresses this issue. Sustainable processes are crucial, both for current and future technologies, especially in the use of natural resources but also for end-of-life (EoL) management.

The goal is to increase the sustainability of electricity generation from photovoltaics through

  • the optimization of the recycling processes of PV modules
  • increasing the recyclability and reducing the environmental impact of PV modules
  • the development of concepts for the repair of damaged PV modules in the field


In addition, technological developments will be evaluated in terms of their economic and environmental impact. The consortium includes five industrial partners and four research institutions, covering competencies along the entire PV value chain from manufacturing of materials, components and PV modules, to operation of PV systems and applications, to recycling and waste treatment.

PVRe² - Sustainable Photovoltaics: Forschung für eine nachhaltigere Nutzung von PV-Modulen
Photovoltaik-Anlagen müssen allen Witterungsbedingungen standhalten und zuverlässig Strom produzieren. Fotocredit: OFI

Project duration

- 2021


Dr. Gabriele Eder


OFI Expert for Material Analysis

Dr. Gabriele Eder
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