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Area of competence

Packaging, Recycling & Dangerous Goods

Packaging testing, assessment and development
When dealing with current issues in the packaging sector and food industry, our experts focus on material quality and safety in the packaging process, transport and storage of the filling goods. With up-to-date knowledge of sustainability aspects, circular economy and design for recycling, our experts support both the development and optimization of packaging solutions.
Prüfung, Begutachtung und Entwicklung von Verpackungen
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Head of Packaging, Recycling & Dangerous Goods

Dr. Michael Washüttl

OFI Expert for Sustainability & Recycling

Mag. Anja Fredriksson, MSc

Head of Dangerous Goods Packaging

DI Dr. Mahmoud Monemian
A selection of projects from this area


Forschungsprojekt SafeCycle: Analyse von Rezyklaten und Recyclingprozessen
CORNET project for comprehensive analysis of recyclates and recycling processes and their applicability for different packaging scenarios. ...
Mehrkanalpipette - Einsatz im OFI Labor
New possibilities for risk assessment: In search of carcinogenic substances in packaging. ...