Material testing on rail vehicles accounts for a significant part of our testing activities. We test individual adhesives, as well as interior and exterior components, coatings and bonded joints. Our portfolio includes both fire and corrosion tests, as well as weathering and climatic tests, testing of the colour fastness and durability of components, surfaces, adhesives and coatings in combination with chemicals, etc.

Testing of materials in rail vehicles

  • Testing of coatings, bonded joints, plastics and components for interior and exterior use
  •  testing of bonded joints with regard to diverse regulations (e.g. technical rule DVS 1618, DIN 6701, etc.)
  •  dimensioning (calculation) of bonded joints
  •  selection and optimisation of adhesives

Coating tests

  • determination of complex coating structures
  • adhesive tests
  • optical characteristics (e.g. colour, colour difference, gloss, surface roughness)
  • mechanical characteristics (e.g. hardness, scratch resistance, abrasion, resistance to stone chips and hail)
  • Artificial weathering and climatic tests
  • solar simulation tests (DIN 75220) by means of xenon light sources, e.g. Kalahari and Florida exposure
  • cyclic weathering tests of materials, products and components in the temperature range from -70 °C to +150 °C, with component sizes up to (4000 x 2400 x 2000) mm

Fire tests

  • EN 45545-2: European fire protection requirements for rail vehicles: optical density (smoke chamber in accordance with EN ISO 5659-2), flue gas toxicity
  • DIN 5510-2: German fire protection requirements for rail vehicles
  • NF F 16-101: French fire protection requirements for rail vehicles; Classes I and F (M in cooperation with external partners)
  • EN 50267-1/2-3: Cables under fire conditions: acids, acidity, pH value and conductivity
  • EN ISO 4589-2: oxygen index (OI)
  • EN ISO 9239-1: floorings; Euro radiant panel test
  • EN ISO 11925-2: small burner test
  • ISO 5658-2: spread of flame, in cooperation with external partners
  • ISO 5660-1: heat release rate (cone calorimeter test), in cooperation with external partners
  • EN 60695-2-/11/12/13: glowing/hot-wire based tests
  • Corrosion test such as neutral salt spray tests (EN ISO 9227) and condensation tests (En ISO 6270-1, EN ISO 6270-2) as well as cyclic tests (VDA cyclic tests)
  • Tests of the resistance to chemicals of compontents, surfaces, adhesives and coatings
  • Colour fastness tests on coatings and compontents in accordance with EN ISO 105-X12
  • Stone-chip test (e.g. EN ISO 20567)
  • Tests of compliance with product specifications and standards
  • Client-oriented R&D projects in the areas of adhesive bonding and coating