Our areas of competence and experience

  • Assessment of coating structures including substrate and pretreatment
  • Durability, determination of ageing behaviour
  • Material and optical characterisation
  • Analysis of coating and abrasion traces
    • Consultancy and assistance with regard to material selection and process optimisation
  • Testing of standard requirements, certification and assessment of compliance

Material analysis

  • Chemical and physical composition, e.g. binder basis, pigments and fillers, composition of solvents
  • Thermal analysis
  • Trace analysis with regard to impurities
  • Assessment of degree of curing, hardening and binding behaviour
  • Residual monomer and solvent contents
  • Mixing ratios in multi-component systems, determination of molecular weight and cross-linking degree
  • Topographical analysis and photo documentation by means of high-resolution optical microscopy, FTIR and RAMAN microscopy, scanning electron microscopy
  • Non-destructive 3D coating structure tests by means of ultrasound tomography
  • Testing for defects and delamination by means of thermography