Our weathering chambers enable the controlled simulation of diverse weather conditions. It is thus possible to define the long-term behaviour of products, coatings and adhesive bonds – an obvious advantage for new products in achieving marketability, as well as for existing products whose functionality, durability and range of application can thus be improved continually.

Our tests

• Testing of the long-term behaviour of products, plastics, coatings and adhesive bonds
• Artificial weathering by means of xenon-arc lamps, UV lamps and metal halide light sources (solar simulation)
• Natural weathering tests
• Correlations between artificial and natural weathering
• Colour fastness tests (EN 105-B02)
• Corrosion tests such as neutral salt spray tests (EN ISO 9227) and condensation tests (EN ISO 6270-1, EN ISO 6270-2) as well as cyclic tests (VDA cyclic tests, DIN 60068-2-52)
• Cyclic weathering tests on materials, products and components in the temperature range from -70 °C to +150 °C, with component sizes up to (4000 x 2400 x 2100) mm
• Assessment of changes in properties by means of colour measuring, gloss measuring, tensile tests, flexural tests, active thermography, scanning acoustic microscopy, infrared spectroscopy ...
• Tests of the compliance with product specifications and standards
• Simulation of cases of damage, by means of simulation tests
• Investigation of damage, including the drawing up of expert opinions
• Consultancy with regard to selecting materials
• Testing the resistance to chemical influences and pollutants of materials and products
• Tests in accordance with regulations of the automotive industry
• Tests of photovoltaic modules and damp heat tests, in accordance with EN ISO 60068-2-52
• Colour fastness tests in accordance with EN ISO 105-X12
• Determination of time-temperature limits after prolonged exposure to heat in accordance with EN ISO 2578
• Kesternich tests in accordance with EN ISO 6988