Certification in accordance with DIN 6701 has been obligatory since 2010, following the pertinent regulation issued by the German Federal Railway Authority.

Enterprises in the area of rail vehicle manufacturing that
- produce or contract third parties to produce, adhesive bonds, or
- trade bonded products or
- that offer services in the area of adhesive bonding design, are required to obtain a certificate in accordance with DIN 6701.

Objective of the DIN standard: Quality assurance of bonded joints

In recent years, adhesive bonding has increasingly been used, in addition to welding technology, for joining processes of components that are relevant for safety. The DIN 6701 standard, which entered into force in 2010, provides an instrument that manufacturers, traders and the service business can use to assure the quality of joined components, from design to manufacturing, and to raise awareness of adhesive bonding technology. In this way, faulty manufacturing, which accounts for 80% of cases at present, can already be minimised at the preparatory stage. This is a significant advantage as bonded joints cannot be examined by means of non-destructive testing.