Packing dangerous goods safely

To use a canister for transporting hazardous materials, it must pass a series of tests. They are the basis for approval.

At OFI, we not only offer various tests for dangerous goods packaging, but are also equipped to monitor the production of transport and bulk packaging. Based on the applicable legal situation, we thus ensure the necessary safety before, during and after transport.


Like other goods, dangerous goods also have to be transported. In some cases, they travel long distances by ship, rail and, above all, truck. The ADR ("Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route") is a European agreement on the international transport of dangerous goods by road. This includes special regulations regarding packaging, load securing and labeling of dangerous goods. At OFI, we check whether your product meets all the requirements.


Type examination for approval

In accordance with the applicable legal situation (ADR, RID, IMDG Code, ICAO-TI, UN Recommendations), dangerous goods transport packaging must be subjected to a type test before it is used for the first time. In the process, the design of the packaging is subjected to various load tests.

  • Chemical resistance testing
  • Permeability testing
  • Internal pressure (hydraulic) test
  • Leak proofness test
  • Stacking test
  • Drop test

OFI is authorized to issue internationally valid UN approvals for tested packaging and IBCs (abbreviation: "A/PA-03"). Based on this authority, corresponding approvals can be issued immediately after completion of the type test.


From canisters to big bags

Different types of transport packaging and large packaging materials are tested at OFI. In addition to type tests for packaging, OFI offers the following tests for large packaging:

  • Bottom lift test
  • Top lift test
  • Stacking test
  • Topple test
  • Righting test
  • Tear test
  • Vibration test


In addition, we offer the following tests according to ISO 21898 for FIBC that are not to be used for dangerous goods:

  • Cyclic load, final load test
  • Compression test
  • UV test


Continuous monitoring

If a dangerous goods packaging is approved on the market, the legislation states that continuous quality control must take place, which also includes the annual inspection by an external, independent auditor. As an accredited inspection body, OFI can perform this monitoring for you. Production is inspected directly at the customer's site, procedures are explained and processes are scrutinized.


Technical Consulting

With our experience and know-how we are happy to advise you and offer the following services:

  • Material selection through suitability testing of packaging
  • Classification of products and consultancy on labeling and documentation
  • Preparation of expert opinions
  • Training
  • Product development