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How sustainable is your packaging solution?

How sustainable is your packaging solution?

Sustainability screening

Do you want to capture the comprehensive sustainability potential of your packaging, packaging groups or your entire product range? Then contact us and have a sustainability screening performed at OFI. We accompany you from the definition of sustainability goals to the concrete implementation of optimization measures.

Sustainability screening: Identifying optimization potential

Together with you, we look at sustainability goals that have already been set as part of the screening process, expand them if necessary, or define them together with you first. Whether you are looking to change materials, reduce materials, improve recyclability, use recyclate, or reduce your environmental footprint, we will work out your customized optimization potential. With the screening you get a deep insight into the optimization possibilities – no matter if for a single package, or an entire assortment – and can decide based on your priorities which solution is the best for you.


Standing out in the market through sustainable solutions

The OFI will also be happy to assist you in implementing the identified solution. To ensure that your conversion to holistic ecological packaging is as successful as possible, we verify for you the safety, protection of the contents, machine runability and industrial applicability of the desired packaging. Together, we develop custom-fit solutions that also meet your customer and marketing requirements and fulfill the defined sustainability criteria in the best possible way. By taking all relevant factors into account, we work with you to generate packaging that is both holistically optimized and practical.


Whether developing a new packaging or optimizing an existing one, at the OFI we will guide you to the perfect solution for your product – from the idea to the practical implementation.

Our offer

  • Sustainability screening to identify the optimization potential of individual packaging or product range fractions. Possible optimization factors are:
    • Weight and layer thickness reduction potential
    • alternative material selection
    • Increasing recyclability, confirming and enabling the use of recyclates.
    • Reduction of the ecological footprint
  • Consulting and support from concept to implementation of identified packaging solutions
  • Verifications of developments leading to improved recyclability and their integration into the assessment standard.
  • Suitability tests to verify the individual recyclability of your packaging


You too can benefit from our years of experience as an independent partner to the packaging industry, and contact us right away.

OFI Expert for Sustainability & Recycling

Mag. Anja Fredriksson, MSc

OFI Expert for Packaging & Recycling

DI Dr. Elisabeth Pinter

OFI Expert for Packaging & Recycling

Angelika Wlodarczyk, MSc
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