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Material analysis and product testing

Material analysis and product testing

Food packaging testing

Our activities focus on innovations in the field of safety, functionality and design of packaging and packaging materials. Special filling goods require special packaging know-how. Whether food, pharmaceutical products or cosmetics, we test existing packaging or develop new models that meet both the requirements of the filling goods and those of our customers.

Our offer

  • Consulting for packaging of food and non-food products
  • Contract research and development of individual, innovative packaging solutions
  • Optimization of existing packaging systems
  • Establishment of customized quality assurance systems for optimal packaging at calculable prices
  • Preparation of practical specifications and definition of limits for safe packaging materials and packaging
  • Preparation of expert opinions and damage analyses
  • Packaging tests
  • Assessment of packaging for national and international legal or standard conformity
  • Consulting and appraisal according to the LMSVG
  • Audits according to IFS, BRC, BRC/IoP, FEFCO GMP
  • Events and trainings

Concrete test offers for packaging & filling goods

We offer workshops tailored to your needs to deepen your company’s internal focus. Central topics can be, for example:
  • Packaging and food law
  • Microbiology and hygiene
  • Audits
  • Fundamentals of plastics technology
  • Sensory analysis of packaging materials and foods
  • Development of practical specifications
  • Quality management in the fields of packaging and food
  • Protective gas packaging (MAP)

Test offer: Packaging

For decades, OFI has been conducting research in the Packaging & Food sector, contributing to the development of the packaging industry. With a wide range of testing options, we cover a wide variety of complex issues.

We offer all functional tests for plastic packaging.

  • chemical and physical material analysis
  • mechanical testing of packaging materials and packaging
  • Permeability and light protection
  • Determination of the packaging atmosphere
  • Microbial contamination
  • Packaging sensor technology
  • Leak tightness, leak detection, sealing behavior, burst tests
  • Testing of dangerous goods transport packaging and large packaging, issuance of UN approval or EFIBCA approval.
  • Resistance to alternating temperatures, storage tests
  • Migration behavior
  • Surface analyses (microscopy, SEM)
  • individual and customized tests


Test offer: Filling goods

We deal with filling goods that have special requirements for packaging: Food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

  • Chemical and physical determinations
  • Analyses of labeling agents and additives
  • Microbiological analyses
  • Residue analysis, analyses of contaminants
  • Sensory analyses

Head of Packaging & Recycling

Dr. Michael Washüttl

OFI Expert for Packaging & Recycling

Ing. Michael Krainz
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