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Packaging recyclability

Packaging recyclability

Recyclability assessment

Packaging today must be modern all-rounders in order to be sustainable. This also includes that they are recyclable in the best possible way. With a wealth of experience and a broad portfolio of services, OFI accompanies you on the way to your certified recyclable packaging solution. In addition to the optimization and minimization of their packaging materials, as well as advice on design for/from recycling, we offer the evaluation of the technical recyclability of packaging in cooperation with cyclos-HTP according to CHI standard.

Testing and certification according to CHI standard

In cooperation with the cyclos-HTP institute, OFI offers a comprehensive assessment of the technical recyclability of packaging according to the CHI standard. This means that we not only theoretically record whether your packaging is recyclable, but also determine whether it can be technically recycled in practice. If there is a need for optimization, the OFI and its interdisciplinary team will be happy to provide support. A decisive added value for your packaging solution.

As part of the recyclability assessment, OFI conducts individual assessments, group assessments, and full assortment screenings. According to the country-specific collection and recovery structures (EU, CH, NO, UK), packaging is tested in 13 recyclables pathways along 9 evaluation criteria. Once the assessment has been carried out, you will receive a certificate showing the recyclability percentage.

We offer

  • Individual assessment: individual assessment of the recyclability of individual packages
  • Group evaluation: packaging variations are grouped, evaluated and certified
  • Indicative assessment: initial assessment of recyclability to identify the certifiability or optimization potential of your packaging.
  • Assortment screening: Indicative evaluation of assortment groups or the entire assortment to assess and optimize the recyclability of your product range.
  • Quantitative and qualitative classification with the possibility of certification according to EN13430 and ISO14021
  • OFI certificate confirming the determined recyclability according to CHI standard
  • Use of a label for your marketing activities with a certified recyclability ≥ 90%.

By 2030, all packaging placed on the market in the EU should be reusable, or recyclable at low cost. In addition, from 2023 there will be eco-modulation, which instrumentalizes extended producer responsibility (EPR) and, depending on the recyclability, applies an ecological graduation of disposal fees. Accordingly, recyclability is playing an increasingly important role in the development and production of packaging.

Invest now in evaluating your products so you can delight your customers in a timely manner with modern, recyclable packaging solutions!

OFI Expert for Packaging & Recycling

Angelika Wlodarczyk, MSc

OFI Expert for Packaging & Recycling

DI Dr. Elisabeth Pinter

OFI Expert for Sustainability & Recycling

Mag. Anja Fredriksson, MSc
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