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Comprehensive remediation concepts

Comprehensive remediation concepts

Remediation planning

Buildings in Europe are generally used for longer than their originally intended useful life. In addition to the preservation of historic building fabric as an essential part of cultural identity, economic reasons are often of decisive importance. To extend the actual service life of a building, in addition to good maintenance, periodic interventions in the form of renovations are required. In addition to the elimination of age-related damage, this often involves other aspects such as energy improvements, changes of use, additions, etc.

As an independent partner, OFI analyzes the current condition of the building and develops object-specific detailed planning based on this analysis, which ensures the technical and economic success of a refurbishment.

With its experience in the field of building renovation, OFI creates individual renovation concepts that take into account the requirements of the building in question and its intended use. The advantages of the combination of an accredited testing institute and the pool of experienced building experts are obvious. Structural renovations can be accompanied in all their complexity from the initial preliminary investigation to execution supervision and acceptance. The client has a competent and reliable contact person at every stage of the refurbishment and receives a solution “from a single source”.

Through the total package of OFI services, clients receive the assurance that the remediation will be carried out professionally and under expert supervision.

Here is a brief overview of OFI’s core competencies in remediation planning and support:

  • Masonry
    • Preliminary studies for masonry drying
    • Effectiveness control of drainage measures
    • Examination of masonry components and evaluation of masonry strengthTesting of consolidated masonry.
  • Reinforced concrete
    • Investigation of concrete structures with regard to strength properties, condition and corrosion risks for the reinforcement.
  • Building waterproofing
  • Facade examinations (plaster, natural stone, glass,..)
  • Examination of wooden components
  • Building physics investigations
  • Industrial flooring
  • Building monitoring
  • accompanying examinations during the restoration of natural stone
  • Testing and evaluation of adhesives and sealing materials
  • Surface technology (coatings, paints, varnishes, corrosion protection,…)
  • Analysis of pollutants in buildings (e.g. asbestos, construction waste, contamination of excavated soil,…)
  • Assessment and optimization of the energy efficiency of buildings and industrial plants
  • Emission and room immission measurements
  • Building material testing
  • Building dynamic measurements
  • Assessment and determination of the cause of mold

In addition to the comprehensive structural condition assessment, the OFI examines the various rehabilitation options with regard to technical feasibility and an optimal cost/benefit ratio.

Head of Construction Engineering

DI Dr. Günther Fleischer
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