FAQ about the ÜA-marking (OIB installation mark)


Update: Changes due to COVID-19

Due to the travel restrictions that have arisen in recent months, provisional registration (limited to one year) is currently possible even without carrying out the initial inspection and checking the factory production control. Wherever possible, it is nevertheless recommended that the FPC be carried out; it still leads to registration for 3 (+2) years.



What's new? installationsign OIB

In March 2019, the OIB Materials List 2015 was amended, released and has been in force since 15th March 2019. In the future, products in contact with drinking water have to be marked with ÜA. In order to receive the sign, it is necessary to check the listed products according to the national regulations (ÖNORM B 5014 series) and to monitor them continuously.


What effects does the ÜA marking have?

At the end of the transitional period of 2 years, i.e. from the end of March 2021, all products affected by the amendment and installed in drinking water installations in buildings must bear an ÜA-marking. Products without an ÜA-marking (and associated registration with a registration body) may no longer be installed in drinking water installations in buildings in Austria as of
14th March 2021.


Which products are affected?

The ÜA marking applies to each of the following products, starting from the transfer point (after the water meter) up to the tapping point, provided these are intended for the transport of drinking water*. 

  • Pipes
  • Fittings
  • Valves as defined in EN 736-1:1995, section 5 (e.g. isolation valves, safety valves, check valves,...)

*Ending sanitary fittings (e.g. kitchen faucets) are not affected.


How do I get a ÜA marking?

We will accompany you on your way to the ÜA marking. As a first step, please provide  the following documents:

  • Detailed product description including the materials used
  • Field of application
  • If already existing, reports according to ÖNORM B 5014-series, KTW, DVGW W270 (EN 16421/2), ...

You will then receive an offer from us as well as an overview of the further procedure.


What does the ÜA marking cost?

The costs for obtaining the installationsign comprise as follows:

  • Component testing, documentary check, contracts and test report:
    Actual costs can only be stated after inspection of the formulation by the material manufacturer, as inspection efforts required depend on the ingredients of the material. The recipe control costs € 495,-- at the OFI and will be credited in case of a further commission.

  • First registration and issuance of the mark:
    Fees for the initial registration at a registration office currently amount to a maximum of € 1.100,-, an extension after 3 years to around € 500,-.

Are you unsure whether your product is affected? At the OFI we will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in all matters relating to testing, approval and certification.



For further information, please consult the OIB FAQ online or contact one of the national registries.