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Testing, development and optimization of pipes & fittings

Testing, development and optimization of pipes & fittings

Pipes & Fittings

Piping systems ensure on the one hand that drinking water of the best quality reaches every household and on the other hand that wastewater is discharged in an environmentally friendly manner. Certifications ensure high quality standards of piping systems and valves. As an independent partner, we support you with tests and inspections – until your products are approved.

Range of services

We carry out mechanical, physical and chemical tests with the highest precision and attach great importance to intensive cooperation with our customers in order to achieve the best possible results together.

  • Surveillance testing of approved products and handling the approval of newly developed products
  • Product development and optimization of existing systems
  • Development of test equipment and test methods to meet individual customer requirements
  • Information on current standards regulations and standards projects through participation in national and international technical standards committees and quality associations
  • Mediation in disputes through objective expert opinions and damage analyses
  • Tests for food and drinking water approval of materials and products
  • User-oriented research and development from the idea to the finished product


We are a DIN CERTCO approved testing laboratory, registration number PL169.

DINCERTCO approved testing laboratory OFI

Efficient audits

The OFI offers you approvals for numerous European countries.

Your benefits are organizational simplification and cost reduction through

  • one contact person/auditor
  • Time saving, because you get everything from one source
  • Less sample material
  • lower number of tests

Head of Piping Technology

DI (FH) Martin Kerschenbauer

OFI Expert Valves

DI Martin Sturmlechner
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