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Establish the scientific basis for safety evaluation of menstrual products.

The demand for sustainable (reusable) products is also increasing in the area of menstrual products. However, whether well-known disposable or newly developed reusable products, there is currently a lack of comprehensive regulations for the safety assessment of these hygiene products.

The research project “LEIFS – let it flow safely” starts here and develops the scientific basis. The project aims to develop a meaningful strategy for evaluating the safety of (reusable) feminine hygiene products. The results are to be directly incorporated into standardization, legislation or trade guidelines. The project participants OFI, LVA and IWI, all members of ACR (Austrian Cooperative Research), hope for the broadest possible participation of affected stakeholders (manufacturers, distributors and raw material suppliers) for the creation of requirement profiles and for the development of evaluation strategies.



– Definition of the profile of requirements and scope for the safety assessment of menstrual products.

– Development of a testing strategy for safety assessment of menstrual products (chemical safety, microbiological safety, safety reprocessing).

Sustainability Goals

Sustainable Development Goal: Good Health and Well-being
SDG-05: Gender Equality


OFI Expert for Medical Devices

DI Dr. Elisabeth Mertl
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