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Published on 14. February 2023

100 years lifetime expected

Junger Mann in weißem Labormantel entnimmt Werkstoff-Proben aus Gerät im OFI Technikum: Bewitterung
To evaluate the service life of products, materials are exposed to different weather conditions at OFI. Photo credit: ACR/schewig-fotodesign

Usually, a service life of 50 years is assumed when testing pipe connections. For its System 2000, Hawle wanted to find out whether it would still function after 99 years. But how can this be determined? Our interdisciplinary team of experts developed a modified test setting for this purpose.

In Australia, the demand has recently become louder and louder for pipes and fittings responsible for the transport of drinking water to be used for 100 years. With a view to the sustainability factor, a good idea. But can products meet these requirements? Extended use must not have any negative effects on the quality of the water transported.

Hawle, a globally active family-owned company from Austria that offers products such as shut-off and control valves as well as pipe connections and fittings for drinking water and wastewater systems, is also aware of this. To find out whether a potential service life of 100 years could be assumed for its System 2000, it went in search of an independent testing institute – and found the right partner in OFI. “We have a lot of know-how regarding the selection, testing and application of materials, know the relevant standards and regulations, and also have experience with the development and implementation of individual testing requirements,” knows Martin Sturmlechner, OFI expert for valves and responsible for the realization of this project. “Together with Hawle, our interdisciplinary team has risen to the challenge and developed a test setting that takes into account a lifetime of 100 years,” Sturmlechner continues.


Modified test setting for individual requirements

Based on ÖNORM EN 12842:2012 and ÖNORM EN 14901-1:2019, Hawle’s System 2000 was subjected to various tests in the OFI laboratory. Load tests were carried out, which are essential for the durability of the product and the long-term functionality of the system. Sturmlechner continues, “In order to simulate an expected service life of 100 years, the parameters of the tests were modified, and so, for example, in addition to testing heat resistance in air and water, a resistance test in an extremely corrosive medium was also carried out.”

How long components can actually fulfill their function depends on a wide variety of parameters. In addition to product quality, a large number of external conditions play a role. The test setting developed considers the most diverse environmental influences as well as is possible on a laboratory scale. “Our Hawle System 2000 pipe joint for PVC and PE pipes was put through its paces. Based on the results of the tests carried out by the OFI, a lifetime of 100 years can be assumed for our product with a clear conscience,” says Rudolf Ertl, Group Product Manager at Hawle Austria Group.


Find out more about System 2000 and 100 years expected lifetime directly at Hawle.

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