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OFI Certification Label

OFI Certification Label makes quality visible

In order to make the quality of your product or process recognizable to your customers at a glance, we have created the OFI Certification Label. If all requirements of a certification basis (ZG) of OFI CERT are met, you can apply for the label and use it for your marketing purposes.

As a holder of a valid OFI certificate, the use of the label is not associated with any additional costs for you. It is a service from us, for you and for your customers.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Product quality visibility
  • Advantage over the competition
  • Transparency through clear assignability
  • Added value for your product marketing
  • Security for your customers


In addition to the words “CERTIFIED by OFI”, the OFI Certification Label shows the number of the certification basis (ZG) and the individual certificate number. This means that the label can be clearly assigned: via our certificate overview, it is thus easy to find out which requirements have been met and whether the validity of the certification is currently upheld. This ensures transparency and security.


OFI Certification Label received

You would like to use the OFI Certification Label? Simply state this immediately when you apply for certification or, if you have already been certified, contact the OFI CERT team directly. We will then immediately check whether all requirements are met and send you a label usage agreement. If you return the signed form, you will receive your individual OFI Certification Label. There are no additional costs for the exhibition and use.

Once you have received your personal OFI Certification Label, you can use it for your product marketing.


If you have any questions about usage, please feel free to coordinate with our marketing team.


Head of PR & Marketing

Mag. Stefanie Fürnsinn, Bakk.