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Procedure, applications, fees

The way to the certificate of conformity, to your certificate

The accredited and notified certification body OFI CERT offers the possibility to certify products and processes. As a certification body, we are committed to independence and therefore cannot undertake any advisory activities.


Certification procedure

Application: You choose the appropriate form and submit the application for certification. Your request will be reviewed. If necessary, we will contact you and ask you to supply documents.

Processing: Once OFI CERT has received all the necessary documents, it checks whether your product or process complies with the requirements defined in the Certification(CI)/certification Certification(CB). In addition to product testing, this may also require an inspection directly at your manufacturing plant.

Certificate issuance: If all requirements are met, you will receive a certificate of conformity / a certificate from OFI CERT and will be listed with your individual certificate number in the OFI CERT certificate overview.


Submit application for certification

To make the application process as easy as possible for you and us, please select the appropriate form:


Keeping an eye on fees


Any questions? Do not hesitate and contact us!


Head of Certification Body OFI CERT

Günter Jechlinger