As an accredited testing and inspection body of the Austrian and German Associations for Gas and Water (ÖVGW and DVGW) we assist you in getting authorisation for newly developed products, and in the context of third-party inspection, we help you implement your quality management. As a one-stop shop with regard to authorisation and certification of water treatment products and plants, we also carry out product and material tests. The advantage for you is that you need only one partner, from product development to the certified product.

Flexibility - the key to success

Our flexibility, and our integration into OFI, with its wide range of services, permit us to find solutions in complex matters. Intensive cooperation with our customers is a crucial element here in order to achieve the best possible results. We take the time to look ahead, and we are already carrying out research projects and feasibility studies for tomorrow's products.

Our services include a wide range of mechanical, chemical and microbiological tests. If we are confronted with special tasks, we are ready to develop special test procedures and devices customised to meet individual demands. We take part in national and international standardisation committees and quality associations, and thus play an active role in drawing up technical rules and regulations, to assure product quality at the highest possible level. For the sake of health.