Materials for hydraulic engineering and earthworks

Sealing membranes and geosynthetics are materials used in construction (hydraulic engineering and earthworks), which, as a rule, are dimensioned for use over many decades. It is essential that their specific properties are retained during the entire – long – period of use. For this reason, products made from (modified) plastics are often used in order to ensure their compliance with all specific requirements.

In the Department of Sealing Membranes and Geosynthetics, a team of experts focuses on specific questions regarding the selection, dimensioning and testing of such products.

Plastic sealing membranes are used in landfill, tunnel and roof construction, as well as for water conservation, while geosynthetics (e.g. geotextiles such as geogrids and combined products) have replaced or complemented the mineral building materials that were formerly common in many areas of construction. They are used in earthworks, for landfills, in foundation engineering (e.g. road and railway building, construction of dams and terraces) and as protective materials for the aforementioned plastic sealing membranes. Our clients include both manufacturers and users of those products.

Our activities focus on testing and assuring the quality of the sealing membranes and geosynthetics used.