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Testing Construction Products

Testing Construction Products

Waterproofing membranes & geosynthetics

The OFI studies waterproofing membranes and geosynthetics that must retain their specific properties for decades due to their use in hydraulic and earthworks. We check the suitability of the products, assist with dimensioning and check the professional installation.

Plastic waterproofing membranes are used in landfill, tunnel and roof construction as well as in water pollution control, while geosynthetics (e.g. geotextiles, geogrids and combination products) are replacing or supplementing previously common mineral Building Materials in many construction sectors. They are used in earthworks, landfill and foundation engineering (e.g. road/railway construction, dam/terrace construction and as protective materials for the aforementioned plastic waterproofing membranes).

Among the customers that OFI supports with its service portfolio in the field of Construction Products are both manufacturers and users of waterproofing membranes and geotextiles. Our activities focus on Testing and quality assurance of the waterproofing membranes and geosynthetics used.


We are a competent partner for the development of overall concepts and offer all necessary tests such as

  • Suitability tests according to Ö standards, EN standards and RVS guidelines
  • CE marking
  • Annual surveillance tests for CE marking
  • Mechanical and hydraulic tests for waterproofing membranes and geosynthetics

For special tests with specific requirement profiles, we develop individual test equipment or procedures for your company.

OFI Expert for Geosynthetics

Robert Kienzl

Head of Construction Products

Ing. Mag. (FH) Günter Jechlinger
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