Materials for each and every need

From plastics to paints, from synthetic turf to drinking water pipes, OFI contributes expertise in the use of materials. Whether intended for vehicles, packaging or buildings, we test and certify the reliability of your materials and products. We help make innovations fit for the market and assure their quality.
Take a closer look at a few selected projects:


Securing quality and safety

Quality assurance is a key factor for the success of your materials and products. OFI is an accredited testing and inspection body in accordance with ISO 17025/ISO 17020, and a certification body in accordance with EN 45011. This makes us the perfect partner for testing, analysis and inspection as well as quality assurance and certification.

Take, for instance, a practical question: Do water pipes made of plastic favour the growth of Legionella bacteria? OFI's experts were the first to test not just the drinking water, but also the bio film in the pipes, thus refuting a widespread assumption. In fact, the material of the water pipes, i.e. plastic v. metal, has no influence on the growth of Legionella.

Trendsetting solutions to complex questions
Collaborative applied research and development for the European business world is an integral part of our daily work. We provide assistance to enterprises over the entire process, from the initial idea to marketability.

This includes the development of innovative packaging. We study innovations with regard to good usability, new materials and sustainability.

Individual consultancy

We offer expert advice and support to our customers in the development and optimisation of plastic products: from selecting adequate materials to developing new material compounds with improved properties, and the design of components oriented towards materials and processes.

For instance, we provide FE (finite element) analyses with regard to injecting moulding and structural mechanics. This computational method helps improve the geometry of plastic parts, including the implementation of new designs in production processes.


From pipes to heat insulation

OFI is an acknowledged certification partner for the business community. The Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy and Labour has recognised OFI CERT as a certification body for the Directive on construction products as notified under No. 1085 (confirmation of accreditation). Our services in this field include:

  • certificates of conformity for products
  • certificates on factory production contorl as a basis for CE marking/li>
  • voluntary accredited certification of products