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Testing and inspection of water treatment and disinfection equipment

Testing and inspection of water treatment and disinfection equipment

Water treatment

At the OFI, disinfection plants and other equipment for physical or chemical water treatment are tested. By developing new products and regularly testing and inspecting existing products, OFI provides quality assurance that plays a key role in determining the success of a product.

From the idea to the finished product, OFI is your competent and reliable partner for:

  • Development of objectified detection methods for water treatment equipment & processes.
  • Development of new products & processes for water treatment
  • Product development and optimization
  • Advice on everything to do with the approval and certification of products for water treatment

Success through flexibility

The flexibility we get from the interdisciplinary set-up of the OFI enables us to solve even complex problems. We attach great importance to intensive cooperation with our customers. We are already conducting research projects and feasibility studies for tomorrow’s products.

Our range of services includes a variety of mechanical, chemical and microbiological tests. Together with our customers, we develop test methods and equipment that meet very individual requirements. Through our participation in national and international technical standards committees and quality associations, we are actively involved in the design of technical regulations and thus ensure product quality at the highest level.


Testing activities

As one of Europe’s largest test centers for products in the field of water treatment, we offer you a diverse range of services. Just ask!

Type tests of UV disinfection systems

  • ÖNORM M 5873-1: Equipment for disinfection of water by means of ultraviolet radiation
  • DIN 19294-1: Equipment for disinfection of water by means of ultraviolet radiation
  • ÖVGW QS-W 806: UV disinfection systems – Requirements & tests for the award of the ÖVGW quality mark
  • US EPA UVDGM: Testing in accordance with the Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidance of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


Filtration & mechanical, physical as well as chemical water treatment

  • ÖVGW QS W-706: Dosing equipment – Requirements & tests for the award of the ÖVGW quality mark
  • ÖNORM EN 13443-1: Installations for the treatment of potable water inside buildings – Mechanical filters – Part 1: Filter rating 80µm to 150 µm – Requirements for design & safety – Testing
  • ÖVGW QS-W 807: Mechanically acting sieve filter systems in drinking water supplies
  • ÖVGW QS-W 701: Mechanically acting filters in drinking water installations
  • DVGW W 570 series: Valves for drinking water installations

Due to the large number of applicable standards and regulations in this area, please contact us directly to inquire whether we can perform tests for your applications!


Drinking water event tests

In addition, at the OFI we also offer testing for materials in contact with drinking water – in accordance with ÖNORM B5014 and UBA KTW BWGL.


Quality assurance

As a recognized testing and inspection body with ÖVGW and DVGW, we also offer control, monitoring and inspection tests. In this way, we support you in the optimal implementation of your quality management system.

Use our services to manage your certified products!


Scope of testing in the accredited area

As a testing, inspection and certification body accredited by Accreditation Austria, we are a partner for industry and test according to the most modern standards. Under Services you can get an overview of our offer in the accredited area at any time.

Head of Water Treatment & Flow Technology

Ing. Albert Kerstof
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