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Material properties of hemp: Optimization of the natural bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal effect of hemp fibers.

NOPE stands for “Natural-fibre fOr PrevEntion”. In the research project, which is funded by Business Upper Austria, the OFI, together with React Oxygen+Sportswear GmbH from Mondsee and Schneider GmbH, owner of the Haslach weaving mill, is developing processes to improve the natural effect of hemp fibers. The Cleantech Cluster of Upper Austria. Location agency Business Upper Austria initiated the “NOPE” project and brought the companies together with the OFI.

The material hemp has naturally bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal effect. These have already been confirmed in scientific studies. However, this effect is often lost when the fibers are processed into textiles. In the research project “NOPE”, the OFI wants to work directly with SMEs to find out how this can be prevented. Research is being conducted on processes that maintain, perhaps even enhance, the bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties of hemp.


The aim of the R&D project is to build up knowledge in order to be able to produce hemp textiles in the future that can minimize pathogens, perhaps even render them harmless. To ensure that this succeeds, the natural substance is thoroughly analyzed at the OFI. How do different processing methods change the material properties? What influence do these processes have on skin compatibility? These and other questions are addressed by OFI experts in the lab.

For the companies involved in the project, an improvement in their competitive position can be expected, as they will be able to use the research results directly to develop new textile products. With Responsible Technologies in the sense of a sustainable and bio-based industry, an international placement is also conceivable.

The findings from the RDI project are to form the basis for further developments of medical materials based on renewable raw materials. With the expansion of know-how in environmental and medical technology, further business areas and thus also jobs can be created.


The project is funded by the Economic and research strategy #upperVISION2030 funded by the province of Upper Austria.


OFI Expert for Medical Devices & Hygiene

DI Gabriele Ettenberger-Bornberg, BA
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