Individual Consultancy - Flexible Solutions

Development of test methods and validation
To guarantee that the results of analyses are reliable, test methods need to be fully validated. This ensures that the identity of all substances can be quantified. As a complementary measure we also conduct studies on extractables and leachables.

Consultancy services
Our experts are always ready to answer your queries and will also work with you to develop solutions for individual problems.
In the course of this work, any information is processed thoroughly while maintaining the strictest secrecy.

Quality control
With our high-quality state-of-the-art equipment for chemical, biological and physical analysis, we provide assistance, from incoming goods inspection to batch release.
In addition, we have excellent know-how in the investigation of damage such as in the identification of unknown substances and particles.

Stability studies
Determination of the shelf life of medicines is a major part of pharmaceutical development and production. We assist you in the consultancy, planning and implementation stages and carry out photostability testing and computer-controlled data monitoring, among other measures.

Pharmaceutical packaging
For the protection of your products we offer physical and chemical testing on packaging, such as container closure integrity testing using the laser headspace method.

Cleaning validation
We assist you in the development and monitoring of a cleaning concept to identify and eliminate cross-contamination at an early stage.

Research and development
We develop strategies and plan your projects in cooperation with national and international research partners. We support you in the development of analytical methods and technology as well as in the identification and quantification of new active substances.

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